The top locations in which to find a new job in 2017 have been named in a new poll, with Liverpool, Edinburgh and London coming out on top.

According to the new research, which was compiled by CV-Library, these three cities showed 'great promise' for keen job hunters or those looking to relocate for a new career. By analysing the average number of available positions in the UK's major cities last year, the research found that Liverpool came top in terms of opportunities with 23 per cent, Edinburgh second with 20 per cent and London third with 19 per cent.

The research also found that Manchester scored highly with 17 per cent, as well as Hull – 15 per cent – and Southampton – 18 per cent.

Despite the number of positions available, there was also found to be high demand for these roles, with applications rising across the top three cities, increasing by 24 per cent in Liverpool, 10 per cent in Edinburgh and nine per cent in London.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: 2It’s great to see the job markets in these key UK cities performing so well, and it’s particularly good news for local job hunters who are looking for work this January. Applications are up, and this figure will inevitably rise this month as candidates embark on a fresh start in their careers.

"Liverpool, London and Edinburgh are some of the UK’s largest cities so it’s fantastic that there are some great work opportunities for candidates this New Year. Furthermore, it’s clear that job growth was witnessed across the South, North and Wales, which is a positive indication that business confidence is strong across the nation," he added.

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