Over 250,000 Scots are said to be in insecure work or zero-hour contracts, official figures have shown.

Statistics from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre have shown the significant number of people without certain work; a fact that Labour says is evidence of an economy that's reliant on low paid jobs that leave workers with insecure futures.

The figures showed the estimates of people in “low paid self-employment” to be 160,000. There were 71,000 employed on a zero hours contract and 43,000 estimated to be in temporary work, excluding those on zero hours and fixed term contracts.

Self-employment has risen in recent years since the economic crash of 2008, but much of this figure in Scotland has been into low paid positions.

Jackie Baillie, Labour’s economy spokeswoman, said: “Too many jobs in Scotland are insecure, without guaranteed hours or income. That insecurity then flows through our economy holding it back – from the stress it puts on working people, to the pressure it puts on family finances.

“People can’t plan ahead if they don’t know what next month’s pay cheque will be – if it turns up at all.”

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