Professionals are being urged to ensure that they boost their cyber security knowledge by sharing their experiences with colleagues and friends.

According to Jason Fry, cyber security specialist at PAV IT Services, many individual workers and companies that have suffered from some form of cyber attack are often not honest or open about it, despite the fact that sharing their experience could benefit them. By sharing knowledge, it is more likely that people will learn about the risks and therefore lower the likelihood of an attack.

Mr Fry said: "Unfortunately the fraudsters are always one step ahead, so developing a ‘cybersecurity business network’ to share knowledge and experiences of techniques and scams would only prove advantageous in addressing the numerous cyber threats facing companies today."

Lack of awareness among business owners and workers is a major part of why cyber crime has become so prevalent today. Ensuring that the basics, such as strong 'phrase based' passwords and making sure the most up to date software is downloaded, is an essential first step to warding off possible future attacks.

Mentioning the Home Office's 2013 launch of Cyber Aware, which is a campaign to boost behaviour change linked to cyber crime awareness, Mr Fry said that more still needed to be done to conquer cybercrime.

"A secure and authenticated forum where business leaders could chat anonymously would be one example of how companies could share knowledge without fully exposing themselves. Until companies are willing to discuss cyber attacks openly the fraudsters will continue to have the upper hand," he said.

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