The benefits provided by employers are no longer enough to keep employees satisfied, new research has revealed.

The study from Willis PMI Group, part of Willis Towers Watson, investigated the opinions of workers towards their workplace benefits and wellbeing schemes. It found that almost half (44 per cent) were happy with what they received, a drop from the 53 per cent who said they were content last year.

Mike Blake, director at Willis PMI Group, said: "Given the current focus on reducing the burden of employee ill health and sickness absence on the economy, it is surprising to find the perception of benefits provision is actually on the decline. Companies might ask whether this is due to increasing expectation, a shortfall in provision or a failure to properly communicate available benefits to staff.

“It is important for employers to identify the specific challenges faced by their business and actively engage with their staff in order to better understand what benefits are both needed and wanted. Schemes will be most successful when they align the goals of the organisation with the desires of employees."

The provision of wellbeing schemes was found to be highest in Scotland, at 48 per cent, and London, at 44 per cent, with the West Midlands provision level sitting at just 30 per cent.

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