Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his support for the newly launched Creative Entrepreneurs scheme, which aims to raise investment and attract new customers.

According to Mr Cameron, the creative economy is growing three times faster than any other sector in Britain, generating £80 billion for the UK economy every year.

"Britain has huge creative clout around the world," Mr Cameron added. "From Asia to America, they're dancing to our music, watching our films and wearing our designers' latest creations."

Mr Cameron has announced he wishes to build on the industries' success, arguing that the best entrepreneurs and sole traders within the creative sectors should be provided with a "focal point" for the startup support and resources required to help creative businesses thrive.

Creative Entrepreneurs has been developed to fill this gap, helping creative entrepreneurs from a range of sectors gain the advice and information they need to fund, launch and grow their business.

According to Ed Vaizey, minister for culture and the digital economy, the scheme is an indication of the government's desire to "foster the right environment" within which businesses can thrive, offering a valuable tool that can help creative entrepreneurs "hit the ground running".

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