An important part of the job hunt is the way in which you appear to potential employers online as, these days, as well as using online job sites to hunt for the very best candidates, hiring managers will also search social media for extra information.

Investing time into your profile picture is key – no hiring managers or recruitment professionals want to look at an image of a potential candidate holding a huge glass of wine or messing around with friends. Make sure the headshot that is accessible online highlights the style you wish to portray and the culture you wish to work in.

Making use of professional networking site LinkedIn is key as the site has become the default first stop for many recruiters and those looking for contract help. The site provides jobseekers with myriad opportunities to shape your professional profile so your best skills are highlighted. Joining groups is also worthwhile as this can provide links to samples of your work and projects you have worked on. Soliciting endorsements and recommendations about your work is also key, as is keeping everything up to date and ensuring you move or delete old recommendations that are not longer relevant.

It is a good idea to create a work-only Facebook page, especially if you plan on freelance work. The social networking site has urged people to set up such pages by linking to Facebook Insights and allowing a far greater number of contacts than personal pages allow.

In terms of a Twitter profile, it should tie in with your related professional profiles, using the same picture and keywords to ensure continuity of your 'brand.' Creating and sharing content on Twitter is a strong way to boost your profile and the site also works well as you get started, allowing you to link to and 'listen' to others you may admire or wish to emulate in a professional sense.

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