According to recent research, demand for contracted senior level positions in London is at a record high.

The UK-based recruiting contract finance provider Sonovate, which carried out the research, looked at data from jobs advertised on more than 180 job boards and 500,000 employer websites. It found that adverts for this type of role were rising by 23 per cent quarter-on-quarter. Enjoying an even higher rate of growth were director-level vacancies, which saw 39 per cent growth quarter-on-quarter, the research found.

Richard Prime, the co-chief executive of Sonovate, said: "Nobody needs to be told that London is a hotbed of British business, but the increase in advertisements for senior roles indicates that there’s a huge appetite for quality leadership in the capital.

“Of course, because these advertisements are for contract positions, the research also suggests that quality leadership isn’t necessarily about the long-term anymore. More and more companies are onboarding senior staff to shepherd projects towards completion — or just to have a steady hand on the tiller in the midst of a storm.”

The rise in demand for senior appointments contractors is also tipped to increase as a result of growing combined management and director level vacancies, the report found.

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