One in five employed office workers have put on at least a stone in weight over the past year, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 workers has revealed that three out of four office employees only leave their desk to go to the toilet or make tea, leaving many worrying that their desk jobs is affecting their health and suggesting that contractors who also work in a desk-bound environment should consider taking action to increase their physical exercise whenever possible.

Conducted by audio communications firm Plantronics, the study found that a third of respondents stated that they did an hour or less exercise every week, while two in five complained of constant back or neck ache.

According to Paul Clark of Plantronics, to increase in the number of people choosing to be self-employed, as well as the high number of employed workers choosing more flexible working options, has led to many UK workers leading more healthy and fulfilling lives. However, Mr Clark has pointed out that employed office workers continue to miss out on these benefits.

"The line between work and play has blurred in recent years thanks to the rise of flexible, mobile and remote working," he said. "However, as our stats show, office workers feel increasingly tied to their desks. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce."

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