The director of policy is the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) has called for the Government to maintain the UK economy's flexibility, particularly surrounding the contractor community, or else risk losing a competitive advantage.

Simon McVicker also warns about the possible effect of recent Government measures on UK contractors.

“I’m worried the Government is trying to prevent people from working in a flexible way. Recently, it’s put the gig economy under intense scrutiny and made much of the concept of false self-employment. Taken together with the recent changes to taxation – most notably the public sector IR35 reforms – it’s almost as if the Government is intent on making it extremely difficult to be self-employed.”

McVicker's comments come after data which revealed freelancer confidence was at an all-time low of 19 per cent – down 9 per cent on the previous quarter.

Over half of contractors now have less overall confidence in their projected business performance over the next 12 months due to recent Government tax regulation policy and Brexit.

“I think there’s a general mistrust of the Government at the moment. You get the impression not just that it doesn’t understand the self-employed, but that it’s actually unsympathetic towards them too.”

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