According to a new study, the majority of people living with mental health issues believe that a free workplace mental health screening should be offered to all.

Some 60 per cent of those living with mental health problems feel that employers should do their duty and offer the free screenings for depression in the workplace in order to better tackle the issue.

The study by AXA PPP healthcare also found that 35 per cent of people living with mental health problems are not open and honest about their condition in the workplace, a figure that is in stark contrast to the 84 per cent who are open with family and friends.

Dr Mark Winwood, the director of psychological Services at AXA PPP healthcare, said of the findings: "Our research suggests that people living with mental ill health would value the offer of free screening for mental health problems, such as depression, in the workplace. If such a service was widely available, we might see an increase in employees seeking and receiving support for their mental health sooner, before reaching crisis point.

"The sooner people feel comfortable and confident identifying the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, the sooner they will access support and the sooner they can start to feel better."

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