HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is to make use of a new 'supercomputer' called Connect in order to track down any individuals who are failing to pay the tax that they owe.

The new system makes use of data taken from a host of corporate and Government sources in order to construct a detailed profile of the total income of any given individual, rather than taking what the taxpayer has declared to be their income on their tax return.

In the instance that the information differs, a marker is placed on the person's account, meaning that further investigation of their tax affairs will be carried out by the taxation body.

The £100 million Connect system has already been made use of to target those who have been underpaying tax on their savings income.

George Bull, senior tax partner at auditing firm RSM, said: “Connect broadly deals with information spontaneously available in Government departments or as part of the digital footprint that people leave when they use the internet. We all leave a massive electronic footprint of where we are, when we are away, what we do and what we spend.”

As well as finding out what a person gets paid by their employer or through contractor earnings, including any additional benefits received, Connect will also be able to trace how much council tax a person is paying, as well as looking into any previous tax investigations and last year's tax return.

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