In a manifesto entitled 'A Contract with the Self-Employed', IPSE has outlined the huge contribution the self-employed make to the UK economy and details ways in which the next government can fully accommodate them.

The manifesto calls for statutory definition of self-employment for the 4.8 million who currently fall under that category, and demands a strategic review of the tax system which, in its current state, is based on the traditional employer/employee model. IPSE asks the government to make careful considerations before rolling out IR35 measures in the private sector, create a bespoke tax system for freelancers, simplify Making Tax Digital and maintain the current rate of NICs.

They also ask for improved pension provisions, fairer parental benefits and improved access to the Lifetime ISA, among other things.

IPSE CEO, Chris Bryce, commented: “The self-employed will not be silenced. It’s not just that they make up 15% of our workforce: they’re also one of the most dynamic and productive sectors of our economy, and their contribution will be vital in the years ahead.

“IPSE has laid out firm recommendations for how the next government can support the self-employed. Knee-jerk tax hikes aren’t the answer – instead, we need a comprehensive review of the UK pension and tax systems to ensure a fair deal for the self-employed.”

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