Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a staffing body, has revealed that May saw a record demand for IT contractors.

REC's national staffing index showed that the demand for IT skills on a freelance basis increased significantly in May, to 61.9 from 59.2 in April. March, which until now was 2017's best month for IT contractors, was 60.1.

May's reading was not only the strongest of 2017, but the strongest of any month in 2016, too. This trend indicates a continued growth in the demand for contractual IT skills.

The report from REC attributed this increase to three factors: an exodus of EU staff creating skills shortages; the NHS turning “increasingly reliant on short-term” expertise; and a shortage of cyber security skills.
On the subject of the stubborn shortage of IT security skills,

Tony Hadley, REC policy director, responded to the continued shortage of IT security skills, saying it was a “particular concern” for many organisations in the wake of the high-profile WannaCry attacks, and that companies should be doing more to protect against similar hacks.

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