Technology giant Microsoft has launched a series of new 'Digital Badges' which allow users to highlight their skills and knowledge to potential new bosses.

Available from this week onwards, the badges will be available for download via the digital badging platform, Acclaim. Quickly becoming the standard for displaying achievements online, the digital badges will "allow you to easily share details about your skills attainment in a trusted and verifiable way", according to Microsoft Learning's general manager, Alison Cunard.

Each badge will allow people who select it – such as potential employers – "to learn more about your skills and to verify its authenticity".

Ms Cunard also added that Microsoft was partnering with Pearson VUE to offer “industry and employment data to all badge holders, so you have access to relevant job opportunities and can find out which employers are looking for individuals with your specific skills".

A press release regarding the launch of the badges read: “Our goal is to give Microsoft Certified Professionals the tools they need to get hired, get recognised, and get ahead. Our certification program is focused on skill building and validation, and digital badging gives IT professionals the ability to broadly share their technical credentials with peers and employers as they advance their careers.”

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