The government has urged the construction industry to review industry practices in a bid to increase the number of contractor jobs being filled by the next generation.

Housing minister Brandon Lewis and skills minister Nick Boles have requested that the construction industry investigate whether existing business models are preventing the sector from developing skills within the next generation of construction experts, and making it difficult to recruit construction contractors able to fill skills gaps.

According to a recent report from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), construction wages rose by six per cent in 2015 due to the skills shortage, which it is hoped will encourage skilled construction contractors to return to the sector while also encouraging school leavers to choose a career in construction.

Commenting on the skills shortage, RICS chief economist Simon Rubinsohn argued that the low level of skilled talent is also fuelled by the lack of women in the sector, many of whom are discouraged from entering the construction industry partly due to "the image of chauvinistic construction workers".

He added: "High salaries will go some way to improve recruitment but interaction with young people is going to be important. Many argue that the under-representation of women in the sector should be rectified to encourage more young women to the industry."

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