A new report entitled 'The Self Organising Self-Employed' has highlighted initiatives by the self-employed to pool resources, and provide help for each other where the government fails to do so.

The study, commissioned by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has drawn attention to schemes such as Bread Funds, set up by the self-employed for the self-employed, which offer financial support and security.

Mike Cherry, National Chairman at FSB, said: “Since 2000, the UK has experienced a self-employment revolution and we now have 4.8 million people making the choice to go it alone. These ‘strivers’ have become the engine room of the economy and are driving growth and creating jobs".

He went on to say “The Government needs to do more to actively support the self-employed or it risks endangering the positive growth we are seeing in the UK. Introducing changes, such as breaking down the regulatory barriers to self-organising arrangements, will encourage and foster the start-up of such schemes giving the self-employed the opportunity to invest in their security and future. With continuing political uncertainty, the Government must not now resurrect its failed attempt to clobber the 4.8 million self-employed ‘strivers’ in our country with a two percent tax hike. This is the last thing the economy needs.”

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