As part of the recent Scottish Apprenticeship Show, Skills Development Scotland are sharing tips on how to write the perfect CV – and land that dream job in the process.

The event, which was held in Glasgow last week, shared advice with many young workers planning to apply for their ideal position. Skills Development Scotland's careers advisor, Craig Peoples, said that it was essential a CV was updated with the very latest contact information, employment history and experience. He said that it was surprising how many CVs were littered with spelling and grammatical errors, made-up qualifications and experience and out-of-date mobile phone numbers.

"I cannot stress enough how important spelling and grammar is to employers. Get someone else to have a look over your CV, fresh eyes on something makes all the difference," said Mr Peoples.

He also advised sticking to two pages, as "employers don't have all day to read a CV and cover letter, and you don't want them to get bored," adding that it was also key to be honest on a CV: "I've read loads of CVs where people are definitely over egging themselves when it comes to qualifications and experience. You only trip yourself up later on in the interview process, it's just not worth it."

Mr Peoples also went on to say that supplying the correct contact details were crucial: "I've read loads of brilliant CVs that don't include as much as an email address. How can someone offer you a job if they have no way of contacting you?"

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