Only 50 per cent of British workplaces are currently accommodating remote working options, six percentage points less than the global average, according to new research.

A study of 12,000 companies commissioned by Steelcase has revealed that fixed technology still exceeds mobile technology by 2:1 in UK offices, suggesting that the advancement of remote working could be held back by a failure of UK companies to invest in the necessary tools.

The study found that only 39 per cent of UK workers are currently provided with a laptop, compared to 77 per cent who have access to a desktop computer. The research also showed that only 38 per cent are given a mobile phone, compared to 91 per cent with access to a landline.

Commenting on the study's results, Bostjan Ljubic, VP Steelcase UK & Ireland, states that it is surprising so many workers are still "tied to their desks," despite the advancements in remote technology.

"Our research has shown that the most engaged workers are those who have more control over their work experience, including the ability to work in the office, at home, or elsewhere, depending on their task, personality and work style," he said.

"Yet, without the necessary tools to do so, employees can feel constrained, lacking the mobility and flexibility they need to do their best work."

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