A recent survey has revealed that 84 per cent of retail, office and hospitality business owners and self-employed workers are looking for video surveillance with high-resolution images and intelligent features including remote monitoring to provide security for their business premises.

The study also found that nearly 85 per cent of respondents feel high quality and reliability are more important when investing in surveillance for their business premises.

Conducted by Axis Communications, the survey concluded that other key challenges for small business owners' and the self-employed when it comes to protecting their premises include ease of use, with 70 per cent stating that it was high on their agenda.

The results of the survey suggested that around 82 per cent of small business owners are also considering purchasing new video surveillance technology to provide a more up-to-date protection solution. However, accessibility is a significant problem for businesses with a small budget.

Commenting on the future of small businesses protection, Atul Rajput, regional director of Northern Europe, Axis Communications said: "Pioneering technology and the benefits that come with it shouldn’t be limited to corporate entities. With the help of dedicated IT and security installers, the network camera is becoming more accessible and affordable for the small business than ever before."

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