A number of key principles have been highlighted by the recent independent Taylor review into modern employment practices, in a bid to ensure 'good quality work for all.'

The Government commissioned Matthew Taylor, one of Tony Blair's former policy chiefs and the chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, to compile the report, which urged a fresh look to be taken at UK employment law. It was hoped that this would allow workers across the country to better understand employment rights and be able to access them more easily.

One of the recommendations outlined in the report is the creation of protection for people working through a 'platform based' model. The report has reclassed these people as 'Dependent Contractors', and urges new clarity on how they are distinguished from those workers who are 'legitimately self-employed.'

Some of the other recommendations contained within the report include the creation of a national strategy for work, which should be focused on the 'good work for all' target. The report reads: "The same basic principles should apply to all forms of employment in the British economy – there should be a fair balance of rights and responsibilities, everyone should have a baseline of protection and there should be routes to enable progression at work.

"Over the long term, in the interests of innovation,fair competition and sound public finances we need to make the taxation of labour more consistent across employment forms while at the same time improving the rights and entitlements of self-employed people," the report said.

Further recommendations focus on the law – and its enforcement – ensuring that firms are assisted in making the correct choices when it comes to workers and also allowing individual workers to both be aware of – and make use of – their rights. "Dependent contractors are the group most likely to suffer from unfair, one sided flexibility and therefore there should be additional protections for this group and stronger incentives for firms to treat them fairly," the report said.

A full Government response to the report will be published later this year, following consultation with stakeholders across the country.

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