Prime Minister Theresa May's speech in Florence was billed as a big event, but in the end offered a limited amount of information concerning what lies in store for contractors after Brexit.

We know that the UK leaving the single market will result in an end to free movement after a two-year grace period, but aside from affirmations that there will be "certainty for businesses", there are not yet any clear solutions over how this will manifest.

The government's internal divisions and the constant threat to the PM's leadership has been hobbling negotiations and any ambiguity may be because the fate of the UK's contractors has not yet been decided.

But the government will come to a deal in the coming months, despite Brexit minister David Davis' bold assertion that Britain is ready to walk "with no deal".

It's expected that UK contractors who operate inside the UK will see no meaningful change once the nation has left the EU. However, those operating across the EU will have to deal with some degree of restrictions. These will be highlighted in advance and will add levels of administration where there aren't any at the moment.

At the moment, UK contractors working across the EU represent only 5 per cent of those who are working internationally.

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