York has been crowned the UK's top hotspot when it comes to freelancing, despite London dominating in terms of hourly pay rates for freelance creatives.

According to PeoplePerHour.com, London's higher rates of pay does not make it top in terms of being a growth area for freelancing.

The website found that four of the five largest growth hubs were in fact north of the M25, and comprised York in the number one spot, as well as Hull, Durham and Northampton. Other top spots in terms of growth and opportunity for freelance workers included Reading, which came in behind York but ahead of Hull. Reading was the only southerly town located close to London that was reported as surging in terms of freelance growth.

The number of freelancers in the top spot – York – has risen by 195 per cent since 2013, while the other northerly spots, Hull, Durham and Northampton, also all enjoyed double-digit growth percentages.

PeoplePerHour’s Xenios Thrasyvoulou, said: “As more people realise that remote working allows them to command London pay rates without the expense of living in the capital, it’s likely that there will be a dispersal of talent throughout the UK, redressing the earnings balance."

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