The Contractor Support Network
helps Contractors stay outside IR35

What Is The Contractor Support Network?  

With renewed focus by HMRC on the financial benefits enjoyed by freelance contractors, unless you are clearly seen to be operating as a genuine business ‘in business’ you may well suffer financially from the negative impact of IR35 legislation.  We help you meet your ‘being truly in business’ requirements. Any evidence you can provide to point towards you being in business will clearly help towards securing ‘outside IR35’ contracts.

We provide you with a professional business website and business email which immediately sets you apart by demonstrating your Ltd Company really is operating as a true business. Marketing your business is more important then ever, and along with the website and business email we help you with your Linkedin profile and company page, all of which will give further indicators that you are a contractor in business.

As a director, you are responsible for doing all that you can to ensure your business is successful, which in the case of a contractor, means securing contracts. By marketing your business, not only will you be demonstrating you are doing all you can to be successful, but you will naturally be widening the gap between being seen as a ‘true business’ and an employee. Financial investment in marketing your business is therefore essential.

Finding a substitute to meet your substitution clause in your contract is also made much easier for you as membership includes  the unique Contractor Substitution Network Membership  giving contractors easy, secure access to a large UK network of contractors with similar expertise who they can contact when a substitute is required. This helps contractors meet the substitution clause in their contract, allowing them to easily demonstrate that a substitute can be found if necessary.

Can you answer yes to the below?

There are several key steps that contractors can take which can help provide tangible evidence that they are genuinely “in business” and not merely disguised employees, beyond the obligatory Supervision, Direction and Control mantra:

Does the business have a presence in the marketplace?
Does it advertise its services?
Does it incur true business costs outside of “travel and subsistence?”
How could it genuinely provide a “substitute” or sub-contractor should that be contractually advantageous?
Is it truly a commercial enterprise?

These steps can be expensive, time consuming and administratively challenging for the majority of busy contractors to implement -therefore few actually do!

Members of The Contractor Support Network can answer YES to all of the above.

Standard Subscription Includes:

Membership Of The Substitution Network Directory
Demonstrate you can find a substitute in your industry quickly and easily.

Plus all of the below:

Linkedin Profile Analysis

+ Demonstrate you are advertising your services on Linkedin.

Professional Business Website With Secure Hosting Included.

+ Demonstrate you are marketing your business services.

Business Email Address

+ Demonstrate you are using your business email address to promote your services.

CV Analysis

+ Make sure your CV is correctly formatted with key words in the right place to get through Recruiters Auto CV Checking Systems.

Twitter Business Profile Set Up With Regular Tweets

+ Demonstrate you are doing what you can to make your business successful, meeting your legal obligations.

CV Added To Specialist Contractor Job Site

+ Demonstrate You are In The Market For Contract Work And Find Your Next Contract More Quickly.

Don’t just take our word for it…