Why Join?

The Contractor Support Network is a service designed specifically to enable contractors to quickly and easily facilitate a holistic solution to help them to keep on the right side of IR35, and meet their legal responsibilities of doing whatever they can to ensure the success of their business.

By engaging  your Ltd Company with The Contractor Support Network you will clearly be able to demonstrate that your business is truly “in business” which in turn provides insulation from being deemed to being “akin to employed” thus affording you various opportunities only available to a genuine commercial enterprise.

Your Monthly  Subscription Includes All Of The Below.

The monthly fee is just £85 plus vat.

Entry In The Contractor Substitution Network Directory

Why is this important?
Your contract should include a substitution clause. Being a member of the Directory allows you to search for and  find another contractor  with similar expertise in your geographical location who can act as as a substitute if required.

A Professional Business Website

Why is this important?
You must be seen to be an operational business, in business, marketing your services as any business would in order to meet your legal requirements. A professional website, which clearly explains the  services of your company  is essential for this.

Website Hosting and Business Email Address

Why is this important?
Secure website hosting ensures your website stays safe. Having a Business email address demonstrates you are a professional business, expecting to receive emails from those interested in your services.

LinkedIn Profile Analysis

Why is this important?
Your LinkedIn profile should include information about your Limited Company, with a link to your company page. We will advise you on what you should do and how best to do it to strengthen your IR35 position.

 CV Expert Analysis

Why is this important?
An outstanding CV is a must for contractors. The analysis will include suggestions as to how you can improve it to help you be chosen for interview.  In addition, to be found by recruiters, your CV needs to successfully pass through their Automatic Checking Systems – and if your keywords relating to your expertise are not in the right place, you could easily miss out on even being found for a new role, despite it being perfect for your business.

CV Added To A Specialist Contractor Jobs Board

Why is this important?
Advertising your business shows the commitment you are giving to help ensure the success of your business. In addition, one measure of whether you are inside or outside IR35 could come down to the length of time you have been in a contract. Placing your  CV  on a contractors job board demonstrates you do not expect the contract to go on long term, and that you are in the market for new contracts for your business.

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What Else Might You Need?

We also help contractors with other marketing help, all of which provides more evidence of you being truly in business, including business stationary, social media set up/improvement, Linkedin company page training and lead generation training. These can be added on to your initial membership or you can just request them at any time.