The changes to contracting and freelance professionals' working lives may be weakened – or even indefinitely postponed – according to the author of the Taylor Review.

Law specialist Diane Nicol, one of the four members of the panel on the original Taylor Review, has suggested that the government is not responding quickly or effectively enough to the Review’s suggested reviews.

She added that Taylor himself is particularly underwhelmed by responses to proposals contained in his “Good Work” review as any changes suggested have lost momentum, become watered down or “kicked into the long grass”.

The report suggested that distinguishing between high-end, well-paid contractors and more vulnerable and low-skilled workers was important, as was drawing lines between workers, employees and self-employed or independent contractors.

Nicol told Cyrstal Umbrella: “The work of the Taylor Review has been concluded and many key recommendations can easily be brought in to play without the need for legislation.

“It is now for us all to fully engage with, and influence the ongoing consultations, to ensure that the changes made to Employment Law and modern employment practices in this country can, and do, support the changing world of work and impact positively on the UK economy.”

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